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    GROW Training Institute offers outstanding educational programs for Mental Health Professionals, Coaches and Medical/Healthcare Providers

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GROW is an approved provider of continuing education. Our Seminars & Home Study Courses are available on DVD, CD/Books, and online.
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What People Are Saying About GROW’s CPC Program:
Dear Lyn,
I just wanted to write a personal letter of thanks and appreciation to you for your expert guidance and assistance in my becoming a CPC. As you know, I have had over 20 years experience as a counselor (at a Master's level and as an NBCC). My decision to move into coaching and now engaging in several new avenues has been one of hte bes decisionsI have ever made. It has completely changed my perspective in woking with clients and my attitude in presenting to them so many more positive, hopefule and encouraging possibilites for their future. In short, it has helped me to show them how to see the light at the end of their own tunnel, and a way to get there.
Your coaching courses are both simple to understand and easy to apply, with a wealth of insight and informational and easy to apply, with a wealth of insight and informational resources. Our telephone consultations have allowed me to get to know you as a genuinely warm, caring person, but also, as a highly trained, experienced professional with many diverse fields of knowledge. I feel very fortunate to have discovered you, to trust and value your opinions and guidance, and to know that you are a valuable resource in my continuing journey in my career.
                                        --Mary-Lew Barker, CPC
                                            GPCCA Member
"I’m proud to be a Certified Professional Coach through GROW. GROW’s CPC designation requires a high level of education and training. My prospects are impressed when I tell them this, and it helps my marketing efforts greatly. When you take GROW’s courses it’s assumed you already know basic counseling techniques, so you start off your coach training at an advanced level. It’s the best value out there.”


GTI is now approved as a Coach Training Provider by the NBCC’s (National Board of Certified Counselors) CCE (Center for Credentialing and Education) BCC (Board Certified Coach) Program. Once you have been certified as a coach by GTI, you can apply to become a BCC for a nominal fee and passing their exam. For more information on the BCC program visit their website:

www.cce-global.org/BCC ________________________________________

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In addition to educational products, GROW Training Institute provides Marketing/Business Consulting Services and Life Coaching Services that compliment its full line of continuing educational programs. GROW Training Institute, Inc., is committed to providing high quality education, as well as excellent customer service. 

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Board Certified Coaches (BCC) Continuing Education
GROW is approved by the CCE for BCC continuing education.  
All our courses are approved!

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