Send Your Clients a Regular Newsletter Without Having to Write a Word

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The PURPOSE of this newsletter is to save you time so you can work less and earn more!

Coaching Works is designed for COACHES to give to their clients, former clients, referrals sources, and other places in the community.

        This customizable newsletter can have your photo, logo, name, specialties, mission statement, practice information, etc. featured prominently on the front page! It is available as a PDF version, printable PDF version, or a WORD version (which can be sent as an e-mail), and is very affordable and saves trees!

        I BELIEVE this is the most cost-effective promotional strategy there is. It has proven to work for every coach I know of who has employed it. It has DEFINITELY worked for me! My first year of employing my newsletter doubled my client caseload!  Trust me, people LOVE receiving them and DO read them.

Choose from dozens of issues and get started at less than $1 per copy!  See past issues HERE.

Here are the benefits to you:

  • Your NUMBER ONE practice promotion! The best way to retain current clients, reactivate former clients, and get new client referrals WITHOUT SELLING.
  • Your MOST COST-EFFECTIVE practice promotion! It costs $65 a month and if you ONLY got ONE new client in that year you would get back 10 times your money! That’s the BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT I know of!
  • TELL – DON’T SELL: The best way to promote your practice is to give a free sample of information, education and coaching.
  • SAVES YOU TIME by not having to write the newsletter yourself. Handles your professional, ethical obligation to provide a genuine public service and let the public know what you offer.
  • Enhances your professional credibility and gives you a marketing edge over other coaches who do not do this.
  • Attracts NEW, GOOD clients to you.
  • A gift that keeps on giving – people will give them to their friends and family who are also interested in the subject.
  • When you send the newsletter out to other professionals (like doctors, attorneys, and other referral sources) they will feel that they already know you on a certain level – and this increases the chances of referrals from them.
  • Increases your community exposure and can give you more opportunities for media exposure and public speaking engagements.

Here are the benefits to your clients:

  • Gives your contacts a quality publication which is professionally written that is of INTEREST to them.
  • Keeps your contacts MOTIVATED!
  • Keeps your name in the FOREFRONT of your contacts’ minds -- so they can easily find your e-mail and phone number to call for an appointment or make a referral to you.
  • You can include a copy of the newsletter in your intake package that you give or mail to first-time clients. Builds a Relationship!
  • Sends out the implicit message that you care and are concerned about maintaining an ongoing relationship with your contacts.
  • Helps readers KNOW – LIKE – TRUST you. Your color photograph has high visual impact. People want to know what their coach looks like before making their first contact with you.

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